About Kai Schmidt

The picture shows skydiver Kai Schmidt after his first tandem jump

Kai Schmidt is an entrepreneur and business consultant. He works with executives to navigate business challenges and build high-performing teams. Kai draws from his expertise in skydiving to foster a culture of teamwork, resilience, and excellence in every endeavor.

In my early twenties, I took my very first tandem skydive, and it was a life-changing experience that ignited my passion for skydiving and the incredible freedom it offers. The excitement and sense of freedom from that jump motivated me to pursue my skydiving A-license.

Since then, I’ve found great satisfaction in helping others on their skydiving journeys, guiding them to overcome their fears and embrace skydiving as a tool to become more resilient in every aspect of their lives. I also have had the privilege of contributing to the skydiving community by mentoring newcomers, organizing events, and promoting safety and awareness initiatives.

When I was learning to skydive, I faced a significant challenge – the lack of a comprehensive and reliable resource that unified all aspects of skydiving. I noticed there were many misconceptions and unclear information on the internet, making it daunting for newcomers.

I, therefore, started EnjoyFreeFall with a clear vision—to become the number one go-to resource for all aspects of skydiving, from wingsuit flying and base jumping to mental resilience, training, and even indoor skydiving.