15 Most Stunning Places For Wingsuit Flying

A collage of six distinct images showcasing a variety of landscapes and activities; including a serene beach at sunset, a bustling cityscape at dawn, the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, an adventurous skydiver in mid-flight, the majestic peaks of a snow-capped mountain and a bird's eye view of the grand canyon.
15 Most Stunning Places For Wingsuit Flying

From towering mountain peaks to rugged canyons and everything in between, there are countless beautiful locations around the world that are perfect for wingsuit flying.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 15 of the most stunning places to go wingsuit flying, each offering its own unique landscape and adrenaline-pumping experience. Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a first-timer looking for a new adventure, these locations are sure to take your breath away.

So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable ride through some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer!

Visit the Birthplace of Modern Wingsuits in Acro, Italy

Acro Trentino, located in the South Tyrol region of Italy, is a beautiful destination that boasts stunning natural scenery, traditional architecture, and vibrant local culture. The village is surrounded by the Dolomite mountains, providing a picturesque backdrop and terrain for wingsuit flying.

Wingsuit flying in the Dolomite mountains offers a combination of stunning natural beauty and technical challenges. The mountains’ rugged terrain and jagged peaks provide many different cliffs for wingsuit flights, while the area’s experienced pilots and instructors make the experience safe and enjoyable.

Wingsuit flyers might also experience a diverse range of wildlife, including deer, foxes, and birds in the Dolomite mountains during their jump.

In addition, Acro is also said to be the birthplace of modern skydiving. It was here that the legendary wingsuit pioneer Patrick de Gayardon died trying to build a safe wingsuit. If you want to know more about the incredible invention story of wingsuits and who succeeded in building the first safe wingsuit, check out my post.

Besides wingsuit flying, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture, which includes traditional music, dancing, and cuisine. For example, visitors can explore the charming houses and decorative fountains in the village’s main square, and sample local specialties such as speck and Schlutzkrapfen.

Jump From the Highest Place on Earth – the Mount Everest

Now you might wonder, is it even possible to conduct a wingsuit jump from Mount Everest?

It is possible to conduct a wingsuit flight off Mount Everest. Razov Valery was the first human to jump off Changtse – the northern peak of Mount Everest. He set the world record for the highest BASE jump at 23,690 ft (7,220 meters).

A majestic snow-capped mountain peak piercing through a blanket of fluffy white clouds against a serene blue sky.

This jump is extremely impressive, but it was not from the highest point of Mount Everest which stands at an altitude of 29,029 feet (8,848 meters).

It is not possible to jump from the highest point because there is no suitable cliff to jump off. Wingsuit pilots need some falling height before they have enough speed to move forward and that is not given at any cliff near the peak.

Jumping off Everest is also only possible for experienced skydivers with the necessary financial means. Razov Valery was sponsored by Red Bull and used a specially-developed wingsuit that accounted for the reduced air density and difficult weather.

In addition to the altitude and weather, there were other challenges to consider, such as the lack of oxygen and the technical difficulty of the flight. Pilots attempting this feat need to be in peak physical condition and have a thorough understanding of the mountain’s terrain and weather patterns.

Soar Above the Rest: Wingsuit Flying in the Grand Canyon

It is possible to fly a wingsuit in the Grand Canyon for professionals and beginners alike because there are a number of well-regulated and safety-focused dropzones. Flying through the Grand Canyon offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the thrill of adventure with natural beauty.

The sheer cliffs, deep canyons, and rugged terrain of the Grand Canyon provide a unique and unforgettable backdrop for wingsuit flights. However, it is also not great for you but your friends will also be quite impressed. After all, you soared through the air like a bird while others were just standing at the cliffs.

A breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon, showcasing its intricate layers and formations under a sky filled with fluffy clouds.

The Grand Canyon also has a strong community of wingsuit pilots and enthusiasts who are passionate about the sport. The community provides a supportive and welcoming environment for new and experienced pilots alike, with many opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

One of the most notable jumps through the Grand Canyon was conducted by Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan, along with two other skydivers, in April 2015. They flew over 6.8 miles (11 km) of the landmark, exiting the aircraft at 28,000 ft (8,534 meters) and reaching speeds of 110 mph.

The team had to train for over a year to ensure they could fly in formation while making the distance across the canyon. The technical challenges made the jump stressful, and they had to breathe supplemental pure oxygen while wearing modified military masks and carrying oxygen tanks and regulators in their wingsuits.

6.8 miles is an impressive distance to fly with a wingsuit. However, it is far from the world’s record and not even in the top five of the longest wingsuit flights. If you want to learn more about the incredible distances that can be flown with wingsuits, check out my latest posts.

Perform Proximity Flying at its Best at Mont Blanc, Chamonix France

Mont Blanc is one of the most renowned and beloved destinations for wingsuit flights. Specificially, the combination of cliffs, mountains, and canyons (that one can fly through) make it an ideal location for proximity flying.

If you search the internet you will find many videos of stunts at Mont Blanc. You might be wondering: what is the most famous stunt ever performed at Mont Blanc?

The most renowned stunt at Mont Blanc was performed by Fred Fugen, Vincent “Veush” Cotte, and Aurélien “Bras” Noir Chatard. They accomplished the longest terrain-flying wingsuit line in history by traveling 4.6 miles (7.5 km) over Mont Blanc’s stunning landscape.

The trio jumped in formation from a helicopter near the summit, passing through various natural features such as glaciers, ice cracks, cliffs, and mountaineers, to establish a world record in just 3 minutes. If you watch the video below, you will know what I mean by Mont Blanc being the ideal location for proximity flying.

A New World Record For Proximity Flying

The world of wingsuit flying is full of these incredible stunts. I have dedicated a whole article about the 13 most insane wingsuit stunts – trust me they will take your breath away and change the way you think about wingsuit flying.

Combine Wingsuiting With Skiing at the Zugspitze in the Alps

Similar to Mont Blanc, the Alps, especially the Zugspitze, offer great places to conduct proximity flying. The Zugspitze is also the place where you might be able to combine skiing with wingsuit flying or paragliding.

One example of this can be found in the video below (recorded in the Alps but not at the Zugspitze).

Mixing Wingsuit Flying With Other Extreme Sports

If you watch the video, you might wonder: why do the wingsuit pilots use smoke?

As a general rule, wingsuit flyers use smoke canisters attached to their ankles to enhance the illusion of flight. The canisters leave a white trail behind, accentuating the speed and distance traveled by the flyer. Smoke trails also make wingsuiters and their flight trajectory visible to spectators.

Try Wingsuit Flying in Dubai the City of Skyscrapers

Wingsuit flying in Dubai is a truly unforgettable experience that combines breathtaking cityscapes with an adrenaline-pumping adventure. The iconic skyline of Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa, provides a stunning backdrop for wingsuit flying.

A serene view of a city skyline silhouetted against a golden sunset, with the calm waters of a lake or sea reflecting the warm hues of the sky and buildings.

With perfect weather conditions year-round, wingsuit pilots can take to the skies whenever they choose. Skilled instructors and strict safety regulations ensure that pilots of all levels receive proper training and use appropriate equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Dubai’s vibrant community of wingsuit pilots and enthusiasts creates a supportive and welcoming environment for new and experienced pilots alike.

If you are ready to take your love of flying to the next level, make sure to find out how long it takes to learn wingsuit flying and what you need to do to get started in my comprehensive guide!

Enjoy Long Flights in Owens Valley in California

Owens Valley in California is a popular destination for wingsuit flying due to its unique geography. The valley is located at the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada and stretches for over a hundred miles.

The area’s updrafts provide wingsuit flyers with a long and uninterrupted flight, making it an ideal location for setting records in the sport such as for the highest attained speed.

If you are interested in learning more about the speed capabilities of wingsuits, feel free to jump to my previous post. There, I explore the various factors that influence the speed of wingsuits and the greatest speeds ever attained during wingsuit jumps!

Along the way, wingsuit flyers can enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, deserts, and even the tallest mountain in the lower 48, Mt. Whitney.

The Yosemite is also close by and a great location for wingsuit and BASE jumping. However, as it is a national park it is prohibitted to jump there. The park also received some media coverage because two of the most renowned wingsuit flyers, Dean Potter and Graham Hunt, died there during an illegal wingsuit jump.

Jump With the Military Close to Montreal in Quebec

If you are looking for a different jumping experience, consider wingsuit flying in Montreal, Quebec. One of the local dropzones regularly hosts skydiving trainings for the Canadian Air Force, offering the opportunity to witness military maneuvers and possibly meet soldiers on the ground.

This can be quite refreshing and change your perspective on skydiving. Additionally, wingsuit flying over Quebec’s stunning landscapes, with breathtaking views of mountains and forests, makes for an unforgettable adventure.

In case you wondered whether you will see the soldiers using wingsuits or skydiving jumpsuits, I have written an article about the question if special forces use wingsuits.

Experience the Scenic View Of Cape Town And the Atlantic Ocean

Wingsuit flying in Cape Town is an exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of flying with stunning natural landscapes and an urban metropolitan vibe. The city’s varied terrain ranges from mountains to coastline, skyscrapers, and highlands, offering an array of wingsuit flying experiences.

A breathtaking view of a coastal city nestled between the serene ocean and majestic mountains, bathed in the warm glow of sunset.

The city’s mild temperatures and sunny weather year-round make it an ideal location to escape rainy winter in your home.

One of the most inspiring jumps in Cape Town was conducted by Jeb Corliss, a professional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. He returned to Table Mountain (Cape Town) in 2019 seven years after a horrific accident where he shattered his legs in a wingsuit proximity flight at 120 mph (193 km/h).

He then repeated the same jump safely.

Corliss overcame the psychological and physical impact of the accident with determination and the support of loved ones. He describes his return to Table Mountain as a significant moment in his life and a testament to his unwavering passion and perseverance.

I find it inspiring that Corliss did not give up on his passion. Instead, he worked hard and overcame his trauma. In fact, it is not uncommon for wingsuit flyers and skydivers to continue their hobby even after accidents. If you want to learn more about the fascinating reasons and different layers of why people fly wingsuits, check out my post about it.

Watch Marine Life From a Bird’s Perspective in Byron Bay, Australia

Wingsuit flying over Cape Byron, located at Australia’s most easterly point, offers a truly unforgettable experience. The stunning aerial views showcase the rugged coastline and crystal-clear waters, providing a unique perspective of the natural beauty of the area.

As you glide over the beach, you may catch glimpses of the diverse marine life in the area, including majestic whales, playful dolphins, graceful turtles, and even some awe-inspiring sharks. The thrill of watching the maritime life from and bird’s perspective and witnessing the breathtaking landscapes of Cape Byron is unparalleled.

Seeing the maritime life is as beautiful as it is saddening. With climate change accelerating, the question of how long we can watch such beauties is rising. Skydiving and wingsuit flying also play a role in there and pollute the environment.

If you want to learn more about the environmental consequences of skydiving and how to reduce them, check out my latest post. Afterward, you will look differently at the environmental consequences of skydiving and wingsuit flying.

Feel Like Heaven in Tianmen Mountains, China

Wingsuit flying at Tianmen Mountain in China offers a unique opportunity to see one of the most stunning natural wonders of the world from an exhilarating perspective. Wingsuiters jump from a helicopter and freefall towards the mountain, with breathtaking views of the lush forests and deep valleys.

The landing area is located on the mountain’s summit, which boasts a glass walkway that protrudes from the cliff face, offering incredible views of the surrounding landscape. The jump itself is also thrilling, with divers flying past towering rock formations and jagged cliffs, and the experience of landing at such a high altitude is unforgettable.

Have you been wondering how wingsuit flyers land? My latest post covers the exciting topic of the landing procedures of wingsuit flying, debunking common myths and misconceptions.

Additionally, the mountain is a popular tourist destination, with numerous attractions and activities to enjoy before or after the jump, including the world-famous Tianmen Cave, also known as the Heaven Gate.

In fact, wingsuit flyers have been flying through the gate and landing successfully afterward.

Flying Through the Heaven Gate

Utilize Warm Air to Fly Up With the Wingsuit in Sun Vallet

Sun Valley offers a plethora of options for both novice and expert wingsuit flyers, with hundreds of miles of space to soar above. The region’s scorching desert sand generates massive, warm air updrafts that can extend a flight by slowing down the descent or even lifting a winged glider.

If you are considering going up with a wingsuit, do not miss out on my guide. I explained in detail how wingsuit flyers can go up, and what conditions help them do so.

Apart from providing an unforgettable wingsuiting experience, the area is renowned for other thrilling activities such as climbing, hiking, and golfing. Visitors can explore the scenic beauty of the region while indulging in these activities.

Furthermore, the area is known for being disability-friendly. While wingsuiting may not be an option for people in wheelchairs, specialized drop zones enable them to experience the exhilaration of skydiving.

Pioneer Wingsuit Flying in New Zealand 

Wingsuit flying is not as widespread in New Zealand as it is in Europe, Asia, and the US. One reason is that there are only a few dropzones in New Zealand which hinders the adoption of the sport. On the flip side, this offers a perfect opportunity to jump into relatively untouristy terrain and to log a record for yourself.

For example, the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world, offering a spectacular landscape of painterly mountains, rainforests, and the Tasman Sea. Usually used for hiking, there are plenty of helicopter companies that can carry wingsuit pilots to the glacier’s surface.

As the glacier is expected to continue shrinking due to climate change, the opportunity to fly over this majestic landscape becomes all the more precious.

Land Your Wingsuit at the Beach of Rio de Janeiro

Wingsuit flying in Rio de Janeiro is said to be one of the best experiences for wingsuit pilots. The combination between the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the wideness of the Atlantic ocean and the architecture of Rio de Janeiro.

Depending on your flight, you can even land at the beach – which must be incredibly exciting. Rio de Janeiro is also the place of some of the most insane proximity jumps. Jokke Sommer, for example, flew through two of the skyscrapers, receiving international media attention.

A few meters to the right or left and Jokke would have crashed into the skyscrapers. The achievement of the stunt becomes clear if you consider the difficulty of wingsuit flying. In another blog post, I actually explain how difficult wingsuit flying really is and what are the challenges of the sport.

Any Mistake Could Be Deadly

Visit Kjerag in Norway as One of the Used BASE Jumping Locations

Kjerag is not only a popular hiking and climbing destination but also one of the most active sites for BASE jumping and wingsuit flying in the world. With cliffs that plunge almost straight down to the fjord from a height of 3,228 ft (984 meters), it is the ultimate spot for both novice and experienced jumpers.

The stunning views of the 3,640 ft (1,110-meter) tall mountain attract visitors from all over the world, with some even climbing up just to take photos. One of the fascinating features of Kjerag is the Kjeragfossen waterfalls, which are among the tallest in the world. Over the last two decades, there have been more than 57,000 jumps from Kjerag.

Although BASE jumping and wingsuit flying are legal at Kjerag, accidents still occur every year despite it being considered one of the safer locations. Unfortunately, the truth is that BASE jumping and wingsuit flying is dangerous – but not in the way that you might think it is.

In an analysis of the death rates of wingsuit flying, I reveal the surprising truth about the dangers of wingsuit flying and uncovered some common misconceptions about the fatalities.

That being said, enjoy your free fall!

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Wingsuit flyer: Richard Schneider from Los Angeles, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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